Why do I need IPTV?

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IPTV provides one of the most diverse ways of enjoying unlimited TV wherever and whenever you are. The technology relies on Internet to synchronize with telecommunications to provide you with the ultimate streaming television viewing in HD quality.

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What are the benefits of IPTV over traditional TV services?

IPTV offers a cost effective way of accessing over a thousand channels. In comparison to local cable TV providers, IPTV is less expensive and does not come with additional costs of buying and installing dishes and antennas. It gives you access to your favorite TV channels from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Unlike traditional cable TV, IPTV allows you to stream live TV in HD even when you are traveling.

How does it work?

The IPTV technology can broadcast similar materials to several people at once or provide video-on-demand service to a single subscriber. iptvonline goldtv bestiptv.

How do I choose channels?

IPTV gives users the ability to choose their desired channels and customize their selections according to their personal preferences. Selection of channels is done through a protocol that is similar to IP Group Membership Protocol. In fact, We provide a diverse range of channels to choose from easily from the IPTV software. iptvonline goldtv bestiptv

Do you provide technical support in case of transmission errors?

We understand perfectly well that errors occasionally happen in the digital world. This is why we have our support team available 24/7 to respond to technical and reception issues at the shortest time possible.

How we control error correction?

Errors happen to any network. then, we make sure that every error you get is rectified and corrected properly it time so the system will be working 24.7. Out team of technicians is ready to provide you necessary technical assistance whenever you need it.

What kind of quality service we are providing?

Most of the elements of IP networks are the control of quality service. Our service is just excellent that you can compare with other similar service providers in the market. Our quality of service ensure you the priority to several packets on the network, we always maintain and control delays fragmentation of the service to assure you high-end quality service. We always maintain the desired level performance.

Can I use one account on 2 or more devices?

Sorry, this is not allowed, an account is only working for 1 device, if you have 3 devices contact us for a group offer. Please note that an account can only be used on a device, otherwise your account would be banned Immediately

Why I can not access my account?

First, please check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again. Secondly, if your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices.
If you haven’t fixed the issue then contact our customers support.
Please note that an account can only be used on a device, otherwise your account would be banned soon.

Some channels are only having sound without images/video, how to fix?

Because of decoder setting problem, some channels are only having sound without images/video, please do as followings:

  1. Click OK Button for 3 seconds, next you would go Setting bar, click setting
  2. Go play back.
  3. Choose Native for the Decoder.
  4. restart our app.

Several channels are not working/black screen/broken voice, how to do?

We can not promise all channels are working properly due to your Internet speed and other tech issue.

Why I do not get my IPTV Subscription after I place order?

After we get your paid order, usually we send an email with your line details within 15 min in working HRS. Sometimes it could take longer due to payment processing or demand peak. Let us then a moment and we will send you your line details.

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No, nothing available anywhere is a direct replacement for a traditional content provider. Indeed, IPTV is simply a very good, low cost, and convenient alternative to finding free links that are shared online, with the addition of EPG guides, Catchup TV (usually 24 hrs PVR’d), VOD Movies(Video-on-Demand), and international content not available from most local providers.

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